Warehouse and storage of goods

Are you a private exporter that must ship goods easily, quickly and economically? While waiting to proceed with the shipment, you must think about where to deposit your products so that they are ready when you must proceed with the shipment.
Do you have a warehouse available where you can deposit your goods, trained staff to keep them safe and perfectly preserved?
If the answer is no and you need a practical and economic goods deposit and storage service, Logistics World Shipping is ready to help you!

Logistics goods storage service:
save money and prevent all risks, trust the true professionals!

Are your goods very large and take up a large amount of space?
Keeping products to be shipped in excellent condition has a significant cost: suitable, safe spaces are required where they can be held while awaiting shipping.
Managing a warehouse has a significant cost: taxes, utility expenses, costs for safety (burglar alarms, cameras, surveillance agents..), regulations regarding which you must be constantly updated as well as the risks that you are never sure have been removed.

Do you want to be competitive, offer your clients a more beneficial and affordable service than your competitors? Combine quality and convenience by putting your trust in the Logistics goods storage service!

Goods deposit service on behalf of third parties:
keep your products safe, in an efficient and affordable manner!

Thanks to its efficient computer system, Logistics can verify the status of goods and monitor the logistic flow at all times, in order to easily examine the level of stock also in relation to scheduled shipments.

There are many benefits for you, which can be summarised as follows:

  • lowering of costs: by outsourcing an activity that is not profitable for you, expenses can be contained and resources gained that can be used in a more beneficial manner
  • customisation of goods management: thanks to an outsourcing service you can by-pass your limits in order to manage the products on the basis of your needs
  • quick delivery: keeping your goods within our structure will allows us to proceed with quicker and more efficient partial or full load shipments by truck

Do you have to ship fragile or delicate goods that may be ruined by a slight blow, perishable products that must be kept at low temperatures, away from sunlight? Our logistics service will establish the correct method of preservation of your goods in our warehouses, in order to ensure the absolute composure and perfect preservation of your goods; you can count on it!

Moreover, our staff of experts will offer you additional services such as labelling and packaging, so that you can delegate activities to us so that you are free to concentrate on what is really important to you.

Logistics is at your disposal to provide an economic, efficient and safe goods export service: contact us immediately to plan customised shipment for you!