Traceability and control service

Do you want to be reassured at any time regarding the status of your shipment?
Do you want to be able to control if the shipment of your parcels is proceeding as envisioned at all times?
If you are a private individual that sells products in Italy and abroad, you will certainly need your goods to be delivered within the pre-established deadline and be promptly informed as soon as there is a change to the shipping scheduled.

Logistics World Shipping performs quick, efficient and safe international shipping: naturally, this implies the capacity to continuously monitor the status of the shipment and the possibility for you to be constantly updated regarding the status of the shipment of your products.

Follow your order until the parcel is delivered:
remain updated regarding the status of your shipment in real-time!

If you are a private exporter that intends to ship goods throughout Italy and abroad, you clearly must be constantly updated regarding the information detected relative to your shipment: how long ago the shipment departed, how long until it will be delivered, the programmed route when shipped via truck, the carrier used to ship the goods etc.
In fact, the technical and logistic aspects of the shipment of your goods must be constantly controlled, because changes in the shipping schedule can lead to consequences that have an important effect in terms of business.

If you use the Logistics national and international shipping service, your safety is never questioned; of this you can be certain!

Safety guaranteed through real time controls:
check your international shipments at all times!

Our organisational staff always keeps scheduled shipments under control to keep you informed at all times about the information you require regarding the national and international shipping of your products.
You can contact use by telephone or via mail for clarifications regarding the delivery of your parcels; moreover, if the scheduled shipment has not yet departed, variations can be requested that do not affect the pre-selected shipping method.

Each package is identified by an alphanumerical ID code, which makes cataloguing and identification easier: thanks to this practical procedure and a constantly updated database, Logistics can notify you of the most important information regarding your shipment from pick-up to delivery.

The Logistics data management software system helps carriers to prevent any errors regarding the shipment of the goods, making goods pick-up easier and more accurate!

Do you need easy summaries of the information regarding your shipment?
Contact us and personally check the shipping methods agreed: full or partial load shipping via truck to which your parcel has been assigned, the type of packaging used for correct protection, the addressee’s data, any change in delivery times, other planned shipping orders which still have to depart.
Naturally, it is possible to check several shipments simultaneously, if you planned several shipments at the same time.

Logistics is at your disposal to provide an economic, efficient and safe goods export service: contact us immediately to plan a shipment tailor-made to meet your needs!