International shipping by road

Do you need specialist road couriers that can ensure quick, safe delivery? Do you want to reduce the costs and exportation risks of your products by putting your trust in a network of efficient and organised freight trucks?

Logistics World Shipping has been committed to the most efficient way of shipping via truck, for years, and is able to ship your goods anywhere in Italy and Europe!

Our experts in charge of shipping will verify every aspect considering the goods sent in order to ensure that your products are delivered in absolute safety and as quickly as possible; your goods, kept in relevant packaging to guarantee correct preservation, will be shipped anywhere in the European Union within 5/7 days maximum.

Transport via truck throughout Europe: an efficient transport network, to your satisfaction!

Logistics collaborates with an array of shippers that have trucks that can make the shipping of goods throughout Italy and Europe safe, easy and quick.

Safety and reliability for a shipping service perfect for your needs: if you are a private individual that must export goods to EU countries, our shipping solution via truck will not fail to satisfy you!

The goods you intend to ship via truck are covered by insurance to guarantee their safety, and the expert transporters with which Logistics collaborates will deliver them quickly to ports, airports and customs, and anywhere you want within the EU.

Full load truck shipments: safe and quick shipping abroad!

Logistics has a fleet of road carriers at its disposal, meaning we can offer our friends, like you, a valid solution for national and international shipments: the versatility, efficiency and quickness of this service will allow your products to reach their destination in maximum safety and within the deadline agreed.

Export of light and heavy loads: an efficient shipping service in Italy and throughout Europe, shipping via latest generation vehicles with electronic control systems that ensure the journey is performed correctly.
Our efficient and perfectly controlled trucks for the international line, ensure that your precious goods are delivered within the deadlines agreed, thanks to an optimal schedule for the many weekly departures and arrivals.
Safety and efficiency make us all happy!

Partial load truck shipments: a customised logistics solution for your needs!

Your business deserves a reliable service that perfectly meets your needs: our network of qualified road carriers, which depart daily, make sure your goods are delivered as quickly as possible.

Furniture, foodstuffs, chemical substances, antiques and valuable goods: entrust the goods to be exported to Logistics and they will be delivered as quickly as possible.
Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels… our international truck shipping service allows many deliveries in the same Country and in other States, in a customised manner in order to meet the requirements of specific categories of goods (controlled-temperature containers for products to be kept cold, insulated containers for delicate goods and so on).

If you need an international truck shipping service, contact us immediately without any commitment!
The Logistics team of professionals is at your disposal to point out the most suitable method of exportation that best suits your needs: what are you waiting for?