Shipping in Italy

Are you a private exporter that must ship products throughout Italy at minimum cost and as quickly as possible? Have you already contacted other shipping services in the past but were not satisfied with their methods and/or times?

Logistics World Shipping is the ideal service for all those wanting to send parcels and deliver goods safely: experience, professionalism and availability at the service of your shipping throughout Italy!

What is your main difficulty when you want to ship something?
Perhaps finding someone to take care of all of the important aspects related to shipping, leaving you free to think about the goods to be shipped, is a problem for you.

The cheapest option is not always the best, the fastest shipping is not necessarily the most recommended: instead, what you really need is a customised shipping service that knows how to take your needs into account, which makes shipping quick, but suitable to the type of goods you must deliver; economic but which does not jeopardise quality.
All aspects that Logistics will examine and consider on your behalf!

A safe and reliable shipping service in Italy!

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction! Logistics has been shipping parcels and delivering goods throughout Italy for many years, thanks to its great knowledge of the territory: considerable experience in logistics and a widespread and consolidated distribution network throughout Italy guarantees fast delivery of your goods.
Send your parcels with Logistics and they will reach their destination in Italy within 24/48 hours!

Safe and customised shipping
of many types of goods!

Logistics offers a punctual and quality shipping service for your parcels, envelopes, food products, furniture and valuable objects throughout Italy.

A customised shipping service takes the specifications of your product into account: appropriate packaging is available for goods that would otherwise be damaged, along with methods of preservation for perishable products, thermal insulation for products at low temperatures… nothing is left to chance, in order to guarantee your satisfaction!

Your parcels are delivered very quickly: multiple shipments with scheduled daily and weekly departures, deliveries with maximum security throughout Italy, partial and full load shipping… the Logistics expert shippers will deliver your products in the most appropriate way and within a few days anywhere in Italy.

The highly experienced and reliable couriers selected by Logistics will pick up your parcels and ship them to destination within two days at the most: all this without any additional costs, considering that the price agreed at the start will remain unchanged and include all expenses, without undergoing unexpected changes.

If you intend to send goods within Italy, contact us immediately, without any commitment!
The Logistics team of professionals is at your disposal to point out the shipping method that most suits your needs!