Shipping Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost upon us and you would like to make the holidays truly memorable, true?
You have already chosen your fantastic gifts, wonderful greetings cards, and now they just have to reach their destination in the best way possible.
Naturally, you do not want your gifts to be delivered late; you must be sure your Christmas gifts are shipped by someone that can ensure a timely delivery, which takes care of all aspects of the delivery leaving you free to think of much more pleasant things.

You do not want to spend the days before the holidays doubting your choice of shipping service, right? Logistics World Shipping is the right choice for you!

A quick, customised Christmas gift shipping service

Do you have to send corporate gifts, greetings cards, other gifts and you don’t know who to contact?
Logistics has a perfect shipping service that will take your gifts anywhere in Italy and throughout Europe in complete safety.
Our staff of experts will sort and control your gifts, ship them using the best express couriers available and inform your addressees of any delays.

If you desire a customised, tailor-made service, our professionals will meet you to suggest the shipping method for your Christmas gifts and greeting cards that suits your needs perfectly.
Your satisfaction is the basis of our satisfaction!


For special shipments such as Christmas gifts, it is obvious that the delivery date must be respected: if, for some reason, your gifts arrived after Christmas you wouldn’t be too happy, true?
Logistics guarantees that your parcels are delivered quickly: within 24/48 hours, our international road carriers network will deliver your parcels anywhere in Italy and Europe.


Your gifts deserve a safe and efficient shipping service: nothing must risk endangering your Christmas gifts, otherwise what holiday would it be?
Logistics uses customised packaging to ensure that your goods do not undergo any damage during transport: padded packages for glasses and delicate porcelain, containers on pallets for valuable items. Do you want to give bottles of renowned wine? We will use polystyrene packaging to guarantee absolute safety.


You would like to send your gifts easily and quickly but without spending a fortune, true?
Logistics is the correct choice for you: thanks to our shipping methods with full and partly full trucks, we can arrange very affordable combinations of shipments and therefore offer a convenient and affordable Christmas gift shipping service.
Savings and satisfaction will make your Christmas holidays truly memorable!

If you need a Christmas gift shipping service, contact us immediately, without commitment!
The Logistics team of professionals is at your disposal to point out the most suitable way of shipping that best suits your needs: what are you waiting for?