Shipment consultancy

If you are a private exporter that must ship goods in Italy and abroad, you will be aware of the many aspects to be taken into account in order to ship your products correctly: continuously changing regulations, bureaucratic formalities to be respected, taxes that burden the final cost of your goods.
These are all aspects that take up time and energy which you could engage alternatively to promote your activity.

So, what should you do to ship goods in Italy and Europe in complete safety and with maximum efficiency? The Logistics shipping consultancy service is here to help you find out!

Consultancy regarding national and international shipping:
discover the means of transport that meets your requirements!

International shipping of goods is not only an operational aspect but real competitive factor that can determine your success over your competitors. As you can imagine, low cost and speed of shipping significantly affect the final result: you must be sure you have chosen the correct solution from those available, but also that which guarantees delivery within the time established, the safety of your goods and punctuality in picking-up the goods.

Logistics does not offer standardised solutions, but recommends customised shipping methods starting from your needs and business strategies.

Our expert consultants will discuss your requirements with you and the aspects of your structure that may affect the choice of shipping method most suitable.

Practical, flexible and efficient solutions for your international shipping!

Selecting the shipping method

Do you prefer to export your products through punctual and accurate shippers or by plane?
Logistics uses both road carriers and planes to guarantee the client the most suitable choice for shipment of the goods as quickly as possible. Partial and total load road shipments, to ensure total availability of road carriers and quick shipping of your products, just like punctual deliveries by air: choose your favourite!

Savings and convenience

You want your goods to be shipped as cheaply as possible, right?
Each client is a world apart, and there is an affordable and customised solution for each of them.

Our task is that of helping you to choose the type of shipping that allows you to minimise costs without affecting the quality of the service and to make your service even more efficient and economic!

Bureaucratic aspects of shipping

You do not have to worry about customs formalities: thanks to its network of foreign contacts, Logistics can manage all bureaucratic aspects of shipping in other countries, leaving you free to concentrate on the productive aspects of your shipments.

Choosing packaging

Correct management of your goods also includes the most appropriate packaging for the goods to be transported: you do not want to risk damaging your goods during transport, right? This will not happen, because Logistics always chooses the most suitable method of protection for your goods in order to maintain them perfectly integral; you can be sure of that!

Logistics is available to supply an economic, efficient and safe goods export service: contact us immediately to plan a shipment tailor-made for you!