Picking-up goods and Assistance with Bureaucratic Procedures

Are you a private exporter and must ship your goods easily, quickly and economically?

There are many companies that ship goods throughout Italy and abroad, but they are not all able to make your job really quick and efficient, carrying out those complicated activities in your place, that risk distracting you from what you really love doing.

In particular, Logistics is pleased to help you with a goods pick-up service from home/business and assistance with paperwork, which will allow an easy and affordable way of exporting the goods and really make a difference between yourself and your competitors!

Goods pick-up service from the home/business:
convenient, easy and quick for shipping your goods!

Not all business structures are equipped to deliver their goods to the reference courier. Medium-small enterprises, often with less than ten employees, may find themselves in difficulty when they also have to take their products to be shipped to the company assigned to ship them in Italy or abroad, as persons and time is used which could be dedicated to more profitable functions.

For those who would like to use their time in a more constructive manner, Logistics provides a convenient, quick and efficient pick-up service from the home/business: on request, our staff will pick-up the goods to be shipped from your business or home, for even quicker shipping!

Thanks to partnerships stipulated with the most efficient couriers present on the market (among which DHL and Bartolini), Logistics can ship your goods anywhere, in Italy and in Europe within 24/48 hours and arrange appropriate shipping by plane to the USA or other countries worldwide, when this method is more affordable with respect to shipping via truck.

Handling shipping administration:
bureaucracy is no longer a problem for you!

How can goods be shipped abroad if you don’t have experience? Every aspect not taken into account from the start can become a problem successively, a delay in the normal course of your business or a factor that negatively affects the quality of your service.

Shipping goods to USA or other Extra EU countries is not always as easy as it seems, due to the many bureaucratic aspects to be considered: there are Laws to be respected, national and European Community regulations to take into account, rules that are applied to the export of specific types of goods, customs formalities to be fulfilled, if you want to be sure of not having problems to solve on delivery.

Logistics protects you from these problems: thanks to its facilities located in the destination countries, it can easily take care of the formalities related to export and comply with all customs procedures, which would be complex or difficult for others: in this way you are free to worry just about your activity and use your time and resources in a more productive manner. 

Thanks to its staff of expert organisers, Logistics also supports you throughout the entire shipping process, from planning to implementation, to make this operation a real competitive factor over your competitors; we can provide specialised consultations regarding the choice of the most beneficial shipping method suiting your needs, to advise you regarding the moist suitable packaging for safe shipping, to offer a practical and economic deposit service to hold your goods while awaiting shipping.

Logistics is at your disposal to provide you with a quick, efficient and economic shipping service: contact us immediately to organise shipping to suit your needs!