Packaging service

You have to ship goods in Italy and abroad and you would like them to be delivered safely, right?
Breakage due to impact during the journey, bending due to cramming in the means of transport, cracks caused by the use of inadequate packaging risk causing serious economic damage to your business, to damage objects that have great moral value for you, causing delays and problems that you certainly do not need.

Passion, experience and commitment are required to ensure correct and safe shipping; all qualities that have always distinguished Logistics World Shipping.
The Logistics packaging service is available to allow the goods to be shipped quickly, safely and perfectly meeting your requirements!

How to understand which packaging service is right for you?

A precise, efficient and professional shipping service does not envision the shipment of goods in a standard way: instead it involves careful planning of the positioning of the goods inside the truck or vehicles and the use of specific packaging for all contents; a thorough understanding of the goods to be shipped.

Thanks to its experience and knowledge of the territory, Logistics can offer you a customised way of exporting goods, which allows reduction of risks and increase in efficiency and speed of your shipments.

Professionalism, passion and commitment for risk-free shipping!

The staff of professionals at Logistics will assess the best type of packaging to suit your requirements with you. They will explain the features and benefits of the options available and you will be able to choose the best solution for your requirements.

Logistics is not happy just offering you a valid and safe shipping service: it wants to guarantee you a packaging service that is really in line with your needs, ideal to ensure the complete safety of your products: this is because your satisfaction is the grounds for our satisfaction!

You deserve a customised packaging service, and Logistics can offer it to you!

Thanks to its long-term experience in shipping in Italy and worldwide, Logistics can offer you a packaging service appropriate for all types of goods.
Logistics has a dedicated internal organisational structure with professionals that are highly trained regarding the best methods of shipping goods, and that will listen to you in order to understand exactly what your shipping requirements are.

If you have not already had experience with international shipping or shipping by road, you may not be aware of the most suitable type of protection to use for the safety of your objects: works of art, paper documents, electronic appliances, furnishings, tableware, clothes… just think of how many goods you may need to ship and how many aspects must be considered to make sure everything goes well.

Do you have to ship vases, porcelain, glasses? We will use padded packaging, which will guarantee flawless transport.
Do you want to send valuable antique furniture and metal objects? We will use strong wooden containers with reinforced edges packaged on pallets in order to guarantee their absolute safety.

Do you want to contact our wine shipping service? Your alcoholic products will be shipped inside polystyrene containers, which will ensure the perfect integrity of the bottles and containers.

Would you personally like to make your customised packaging? On request, we will provide the materials suitable to make the containers that meet your requirements perfectly!

Contact us immediately without commitment! The Logistics team of professionals is at your disposal to point out the most suitable way of shipping that best suits your needs: what are you waiting for?