International shipping

If you are reading this, you probably need an express courier to ship your goods abroad: perhaps this is the first time this necessity has arisen and you are not sure if you have considered all factors that are really important for your choice.

How can you understand which international courier can meet your needs?

We have good news for you: sending normal parcels and valuable goods is as easy as drinking a glass of water if you contact Logistics World Shipping!

Sending products within Europe and the rest of the world has never been so easy, thanks to the high quality of Logistics services: the international couriers available to us will export your goods to all EU and EXTRA EU countries quickly and at very low cost. Easy, safe and quick!

A standard service is not what you require:
a customised shipping service is what you need!

In order to optimise costs and be affordable, the large couriers are forced to offer a standardised shipping service, where every particular request that deviates from the norm, means an additional expense for the end user, i.e. you.

Now you should ask yourself: are you convinced that you will be satisfied with a service that is the same as that offered to thousands of others? Are you certain that a shipping method not studied regarding your needs is convenient for you?

Private individuals that must ship their goods abroad have particular needs (related to their business for example and the type of product to be exported) regarding shipping times and methods; it cannot be taken for granted that a standard shipping service is the most profitable choice for you.

However, Logistics has the experience, preparation and sensitivity necessary to offer you a shipping service with a courier tailor-made for your needs: the team of professionals specialised in shipping abroad will formulate a shipping proposal that particularly suits your requirements.

Safety is certain with Logistics

Maybe in the past you have shipped goods abroad and did not have the pleasure of seeing them delivered correctly.

Loss and unexpected damage risk jeopardising the correct conduct of your business; therefore, it is of utmost importance that you are reassured regarding the extreme safety in which your products travel.

Logistics guarantees an excellent service from all points of view, because it uses the best operators in the sector, among which, international couriers FedEx and DHL: a very high standard of quality is the norm for Logistics, because your satisfaction is our first reason for being proud!

If you are a private exporter and must ship wine abroad using this service, remember that the recipient must have an import license: if this is not feasible, consider that our appropriate wine export service is available to you, which allows the transportation of alcoholic products from Europe to the United States in complete safety!

If you intend to ship your goods abroad by courier, contact us immediately without any commitment! The Logistics team of professionals is at your disposal to point out the most suitable way of shipping that best suits your needs: what are you waiting for?