Exporting wine to USA

The distribution of wine in the United States is more complex than you can imagine: the large wine producers have big slices of the market and costs for private individuals that intend shipping goods overseas are often too high for their economic capacities.

If you are a private individual that intends to export wine to USA, you will be asking yourself, what is the most economic formula? Which service allows you to be competitive when shipping goods to other countries?

Logistics World Shipping will help you send your goods abroad with an efficient, quick and economic shipping service.

Unlike other carriers, Logistics specialises in the shipping of wine abroad on behalf of private individuals: thanks to many years of experience, the presence of a branch in the United States dedicated to making exporting easier and the capacity to offer a service built around the client’s needs, you can send wine to the United States at the most favourable terms for you!

Export wine on your own terms:
a customised service for your satisfaction!

Why choose Logistics for shipping between America and Italy?

In order to make their activity affordable, large courier companies offer a standard service that does not guarantee that your needs are met fully: how many times have you had to ship goods according to particular methods and times but you were not satisfied?

Logistics’ team of professionals instead offers the closeness and availability necessary for formulate a shipping service that is tailor-made for your needs, quick like the large companies but more customised at the same time and targeted at your needs as a private exporter.

Logistics guarantees quick and efficient shipping thanks to its branch present in the United States, which manages all of the bureaucratic aspects related to export on site, and allows safe shipping of your wine products thanks to the special containers which are particularly suitable for transporting wine.

Send wine to USA:
minimum prices with maximum satisfaction!

The Logistics wine shipping service allows the shipment of alcoholic products to the United States with maximum simplicity and transparency and at extremely low costs.

How can Logistics export wine at such low costs?
Every shipment includes an optimal amount of parcels, studied to distribute the travel expenses between the many goods to be delivered: in this way you are not subjected to high costs, which you would be charged for individual shipments made using other suppliers, meaning your goods can be shipped in a very affordable manner.

Logistics applies an all-inclusive price for private individuals, meaning you do not have to worry about additional costs for duties and customs; put your trust in our shipping service from Italy to America and you will not risk any nasty surprises (such as increase of the final price due to an additional expense that was not envisioned) and you will be perfectly within your estimated budget!

If you intend shipping your goods to the United States, contact us immediately, without commitment!
The Logistics team of professionals is at your disposal to point out the most suitable way of shipping that best suits your needs!